Andy came from another carer from Roxby Down
His mum was hit by a car.
He was a furless joey when found weigh a mere 360 or so grams.  He came to live with us at 1.9kg and is growing into a beautiful boy.  Andy's colour is changing from his carrot red colour to a lighter red mixed with grey.  It is quite common for Reds & Euros coats to change colour with age and with the season.
One of Andy's favourite things to do is to suck or lick anything he can and seems to have a bit of a fetish with ears!
The only thing I dont like is that he has taken a liking to eating a section of wall in our house, the little ratbag!
He is such a confident and sweet natured little boy. 
We took Andy to several displays when he was much smaller where he was very popular with everyone wanting to cuddle him, which he didn't mind one little bit!  He still loves a cuddle from anyone willing to give him one.