We got a call to rescue a joey caught up in a fence, Some friends of our Dani and Jarrod came with us in case we need some help.  The lady who's property he was on, had tried to free him but mum was there trying to protect him, and she was worried she would get hurt.
We arrived at the property and quickly saw where he was and by the time Brian parked, Dani and Jarod had already jumped out of the car to rescue the joey, Dani held him up while Jarod and Brian freed him from the fence.
Brian had parked right next to an embankment making it difficult for me to get out of the car, but as finally managed to and was walking around the front of the car Brian yelled out to me to watch out behind me.  I turned around to see a rather large male kangaroo, so on one side of the fence was Charlie's mother growling, barking and what can only be described as like a sream, she was also charging at us trying to protect her boy, on the other side was a large male growling and barking because he was trying to protect his female, and then us in the middle!   They managed to quickly free the joey, we then took him straight to the vet to be checked, he was treated for myopathy and given pain relief.  From what we and the Vet could tell was that he didn't seem to have any serious injury as he could hop without any issues, so it looked like he would be able to be reunited with his mum in a few days after some R&R.
Once home after a day or two we noticed he could hop but when he walked he dragged one leg, so back to the vet we went.  The prognosis was that he had damaged ligaments in his hip region and it would take weeks to heal which meant sadly he was no longer releasable because you only have a short window of time in which you can reunite a joey with its mother.  The next few weeks were hard because as he was an older joey he was very scared and panicky.  The first time we let him outside he heard a strange noise and panicked and took off, it took us about half hr to catch him, he had run into a wall and was in a complete blind panic.  Eventually I managed to catch him after several attempts as he approached me cautiously while I was sitting on the ground, but if I dared flinch he would take off again.  As soon as we caught him we gave him fluids vit e and once again back to the vet to get a Vitamin E & Selenium inj and  IV for fluids to treat his severe myopathy.  He was also give a dose modecate, which is a bit like a long acting very mild sedative to help him relax and calm him down.  He needed a second dose of modecate 10 days later before he looked like he was going to settle just a little.  The second dose worked better than the first and slowly he began to trust us. 
He eventually settle down enough that we could take him outside with the other joeys.  He was fine as long as his routine didn't change, any unfamiliar noises or ppl would have him pacing the fence in a panick.  We honestly didn't know if he would ever settle down completely or be affected by the two bouts myopathy.   It took a long time he has settled in nicely in with the mob and has turned into  beautiful and healthy kangaroo.  He no longer panics at the slightest thing and even if someone he doesn't know is in with us he just moves away without being too concerned.