We were contacted by some other wildlife carers from the South East to see if we would like to take on a little Swamp Wallaby that we called Ebony.  She had been found by a member of the public and not realising kangaroos and wallabies are lactose intolerant they gave her some cows milk to drink.  He contacted the carers the next day and passed her onto them.  My husband and I drove three hours to collect her a couple of days later.  She had awful diarrhea, most likely caused from being given cows milk, stress of orphaning and that Swamp Wallabies tend to get thrush very easily when they come in to care.  After a treating her for thrush for a week her it seemed to have cleared up but she still had diarrhea, so we took her to the vet who suspected she also had a bacterial infection and so she was put on a course of antibiotics.  Ebony was not able to hop when she first came in and it took her a few weeks for her to find her legs and work out what they did. 
She loved to sprint arond on the lawn when she is taken outside for some sunshine and excercise.  She is very inquisitive and loves to be  checking out what is going on around her. 
Swamp Wallbies are very apt at being able to jump high up onto benches, furniture etc much the same as do euros and as we have a euro joey in care as wel who also likes to jump up onto anything and everything, and generally getting up to mischief, they are double trouble and we are constantly being kept on our toes and need to have eyes in the back of our heads.
Ebony was rarely in her own pouch preffering the company of others, wether they wanted it or not.  She was usually found bunking in with either one of two other joeys we have in care, and sometime she would even crawl into bed with us.  
Ebony took a particular liking to one of the joeys a Western Grey called Sampson and they are rarely seen apart,
She has grown into a big beautiful girl who still likes her cuddles.  Her and Sampson are now spending all day outside together either exploring or snoozing.  It will be interesting to see if once Sampson is a fully grown boy if he will still have his wallaby in tow.