Erin is a euro, she was found in hawker by a member of the public shortly after mum was hit by a car.
Euros can be feisty when they first come into care depending on their age, but Erin was very calm and sweet tempered girl from the moment she was rescued.  She was passed onto me after a week of being in care.
After nearly a week with us she developed diahrroea and the vet suspected she had a bacterial infection.  This can happen for several reasons, coming into care, changing from mum's milk to artificial milk, and then changing carers all adds to their stress. The vet put her on a course of long acting antibiotic injections every 3 days.  After the second injection it was obvious she was not getting any better so we took her back to the vets and the antibiotics were changed. Within 24 hrs of changing her antibiotic her diahrroea had almost stopped.
While she was at the vet she also had X-rays of her legs and hips as she has been favouring her left leg.
It was feared she could have a fracture of the knee on the growth plate and if this was the case it was not a good prognosis.
Much to our relief the X-rays showed no fractures, but it did show some swelling around the joint which may have been either swelling from a soft tissue injury or an infection.  The antibiotics she was changed to also would help clear this up as well as keeping her quite and off her feet for a while.  After about a week on the new medication and some rest she recovered really well.
Recently Erin became slighty off colour and all of glands in her neck, under her arms and in her groin have swollen up.  She has been put on a course of injectable antibiotics.  Her temperature was normal she is still drinking well, and apart from a couple of days where she seemed a little off she is acting totally normal.  The vets is unsure as to why her glands have swollen but she is not showing any other signs of infection, she has been put onto a course of antibiotics as a precaution in case it is an infection her body is fighting.  The vet also took a biopys of one of her neck glands and if her symptoms dont improve with antibiotics the slide will be sent to pathology to see if anything shows up.  Glands can take a fair while to go down so we are watching her closely for any signs of ill health and just keeping our fingers crossed that there isnt anything more serious going on.
Euros are my favourite kangaroo species as they like a naughty 2 year old, you have to have eyes in the back of your head because they love to jump up on table tops or cupboard and can with ease.  They will be into anything and everything they can and if they think it could be edible they will eat it.
They can have rather large attitudes one minute and be as sweet as pie the next.
We have been lucky so far with all of our euros as they all have lovely temperaments.  We have one called Violet, who just loves everyone she meets and will take as many cuddles as she can get.  They also bond very strongly to their carer and will often pick one as their favourite if there is more than one person in the home looking after them.  They can be a little possevive or jealous and want the your undivided attention and will make sure any other kangaroo who decideds they might want a cuddle as well that they will have to wait their turn or be told off in very much Euro fashion.