This little female euro was found in Rockleigh by a couple on their way home and saw that the mother had been hit by a car and stopped to checked her pouch. She  was in a bad way and looked like she had either a head injury or a bad neck injury.  We took her to the vet the next morning where she was diagnosed with head trauma, and it was going to be a matter of wait and see wether she was even going to survive.  She was unable to hold her head up properly for about a week, but gradually became stronger and was able to hold her head up unaided.  She was being fed five times a day and due to the head trauma she was extremely slow to feed taking upto an hour each feed, but thankfully now after a couple of months she no longer takes so long to feed and drinks with much more enthusiasm.  It has also taken her longer to gain her balance properly but is finally hopping without falling over or leaning to one side.
Arya is getting stronger day by day and is now able to hop around the backyard with speed during her excercise times, she still has the occassional tumble but I am sure in time it wont even be noticable that she had such a precarious start to life.