This gorgeous little man called Henry came to us in Febuary 2016 after being found at the Port Augusta Army Base.  He was found lying in the dirt with no sign of mum and was taken to the Port Augusta Vets where he was given subcut fluid as he was severely dehydrated and lethargic. A carer who was travelling from the Flinders Ranges to Adelaide bought him down to us the next day.
Henry was also seriously under weight so we have been giving him something called Critta Care in his milk feeds, this has a lot of nutrition in it and gives them an extra boost.  Since being in care he has put weight and caught up to what he should weigh. 
Henry is growing into a beautiful boy and with age is getting a bit more confident but is still a bit timid around new people.

Despite being so underweight and being smaller than all the other joeys, Henry is now bigger than them all.