My name is Jackson. My kangaroo mum used to live in whyalla and when I was just a really little joey my kangaroo mummy was hit by a car and died, so this really nice wildlife carer took me home for a couple of days until I could go to my forever home.
I was a very sick little boy when my human parents came and picked me up they had to drive home with the heater on and the windows open to let some fresh in because I had a really bad tummy ache and had very foul smelling diarrhoea, I was also severely dehydrated and had the start of an awful respiratory infection.  I had to go to the vet several times for antibiotics to clear up my tummy and my respiratory infection.  I have been told I was so sick that my mum knew there was a chance I was just too sick and I might go to heaven to be with my kangaroo mum.
It took me a long time to fully recover from my sickness and mum & dad would take me outside and lay me down on some carpet so that I could enjoy being in the sunshine.  While we watched the other joeys playing.
I was named Jackson because of my white fingertips other red kangaroos normally have black hands and nails so I am a bit special.
I used loved coming in at night for my last bottle for the day and then I would have a cuddle with mum and lay on mums beds and fall asleep.  I was still doing this when I was over 13kg but dad eventually said I had to be a big boy now and stay outside with all the other kangaroos because I was just getting too heavy to carry inside and back out again.
I badly broke my tail not long after going out with the mob and had a big bandage on my tail for six weeks.
Two weeks after having my bandage off I somehow cut my foot and I came down with tetenus.  Most kangaroo who get tetenas do not survive, but because I had been given the first of two tetenas vaccinations I was very lucky and survived.  I can hop around like all the other kangaroos but I can't kick.  
I spent nine weeks inside and mum stayed almost 24/7 with me.  We were in a seperate room  because I need intensive care and need to be watched constantly because for the most part I had to be sedated and be given muscle relaxants to prevent severe muscle spasms that could cause me lots of pain.
Dad looked after all my other joey friends in their bedroom.  I spent another couple weeks inside just regaining my movement and strength back before I was allowed to finally go outside and play with all my kangaroo friends again.
The only residual injuries that remain is that I can't kick anymore but I can still hop really well.
With all my sickness and injuries I have cost Mum & Dad a lot of money but they say I'm worth every cent!
I like to play fight with my Mum & Dad and because I can't kick I will nip them instead.  Sometimes I get carried away and can get too rough.