The story of Jo-Jo is one that highlights the need that if you find a joey it is really important to find a experienced kangaroo carer to take the joey so that it receives the proper care and correct vetinerary care from a vet that is experienced in native animals.  Jo-Jo was found by a member of the public who saw him partially out his mothers pouch who was dead on the side of the road after being hit by a car.  They went to a local vet who gave them a milk that was ok but not ideal for kangaroo joeys, the vet apparently didn't even want to check the joey over.  They took him home and after looking on the net for information in kangaroos, muddled thru.  After being with them for a few weeks he started to lose fur, not knowing what is was they didn't realise it would get worse and spread as it was ringworm.  After he started losing a lot of fur they took him back to the vet who told them to wash him daily in Maleseb and put him on a tablet called Grivosim.  Maleseb is only recommend to be used twice a week in dogs because it is very harsh.  Grivosim is used as a last resort medication after everything else has failed because it is also a very harsh and a potentially toxic drug that can cause organ damage.  After doing these treatments for eleven days the joey was not getting any better in fact he was getting worse.  The person who was treating him also got ringworm and had an allergic reaction to the medicated washes as well as the kangaroo fur so she ended up very ill.  By the time we got Jo-Jo his eyes were swollen almost shut, he had fur missing in so many parts of his body and he had what looked like a break in his collar bone.
11/3/16 We took Worm to see our vet who jas checked him over thoroughly.  Jo-Jo was diagnosed with ulcers in both eyes, likely from the Malesaeb washes he was getting.  His collar bone had been broken at some stage but is now fused, but not correctly.  It was X-rayed when was castrated and under sedation to see if it needed fixing. It was fused and stable so the vets decided it would be better left alone.  His skin was severely affected from the washes, but in time will hopefully heal, time will tell.  The ringworm patches didn't show to be still active under ultra violet light, but not all ringworm will show up.  He had a slight rattle in the lower part of his left lung but the vet didn't want to put him on anymore antibiotics after him being on the other medication and because his immune system would already be compromised.  He had been on the wrong dose of Grivosim at 6 times the amount he should have been on.
The vet was hopeful with the correct milk formula plus some probiotics, and using product called Critta Care which is good for animals is sick or in poor condition that his own immune system would pick up and kick in and fight any potential infections.  But we were to bring him back if his breathing deteriorated at all.  Both medication and washes he had been receiving were stopped.  We were advised to use diluted betadine on his ringworm patches because it has anti fungal properties.  He was given an ointment for the ulcers in his eyes and within a few days the swelling around his eyes went down and his eyes are not are not so sore now. 
17/3/16 After a week in care with us he went back to have his eyes checked, they are clearing up nicely, he has not developed a chest infection and the ringworm had not gotten any worse at this stage and hopefully it is just residual hair loss we are dealing with now but still keeping an eye out for any new spots that may appear.  His urine was tested to make sure his kidneys were working properly.
For the first time since being in care he has started to feel well enough to have run around the back lawn.  He still has a long way to go but we are winning the battle so far we think.  In the first 11 days he put on a whopping 700g.
Unfortunately new ringworm spots have started to appear, it is sometimes hard to notice them until the hair starts to fall out, we think this may be due to the stress of being with a new carer as joeys bond very closely with those that raise them and often don't cope well with change. 
29/3/16 Back to the vet, he has given us a new ointment to try as the betadiene isn't quite doing the job.  After nearly a week it was obvious that this ointment also wasn't helping and he was getting more ringworm all over including areas that has previously healed. 
Our vet has put him back on Grivsim but at the CORRECT dose.  Just over a week on Grivsim and he has not developed any new spots and his hair is finally growing back.  For the first time since coming to us we have been able to toilet him with out it being extremely painful for him as he also had ringworm on his cloaca. 
Considering how sick he was he has become bigger than the other joeys in care, he is going to be a big boy.  He really is a sweet little boy despite everything he has been through and he is actually quite a handsome boy with fur.