Missy was approximately 7 months old when she came into care and weighed 2.2kg
She was handed into a carer by some people who said they had hit the mum the day before about 100k out of Carrieton.  After the carer had checked her over she suspected that the people had her for longer because she was extremely dehydrated to the point that it was a case of wait and see if she would even pull through.  As she was so dehydrated getting her to drink was very hard.  She was given subcut fluids which helped immensely and got her drinking again.  She was a very nervous joey not liking her face touched at all (when you feed a joey cupping your hand around and covering the eyes and holding the nose seems to comfort them).
When we bought her home she seemed to bond with me fairly quickly and would not let Brian toilet her, or even like being held by him.  He likened her to a Tassie Devil in a bag whenever he had to feed and toilet her.  It took weeks and weeks of patience on his behalf and lots of TLC before she finally decided he was kind of ok.
Missy was christened (Hissy Missy) because she had attitude with anyone but me and she was a monster to the other joeys that were being raised with her.  Preferring to be by herself, she would hiss and jump on and bite any joey that dared come near her.  She even used to tell off the older kangaroos that were easily triple her size when she and the other joeys first joined the rest of the mob, it was somewhat amusing to see a 40kg kangaroo back away from a fierce 6kg joey.
Missy could hop around the yard with lightening speed and so we have many great action shots of her like the one pictured.
As Missy has grown she has become more and more standoffish to the point she will take a wide berth around you to avoid any contact, even with ME! (She broke my heart) she is no longer a mummy's girl.  Thankfully Missy has grown more tolerant of the other kangaroos but still puts them in their place if and when she wants.

Missy chastising a much older Nardoo
Missy having a mad moment