Pickles is a ringtail possum who is a bit special, you see there are not a lot of black ringtails and not many come into care.  Most ringtail possum are grey/white caramel, or grey/brown & white or caramel.
Pickle was found by a member of the public outside the Adelaide Childrens Hospital.  She was about 60g when she was found.  The member of the public, Hollie, who was raising her had posted about her on Facebook and I was giving her some advice on raising ringtail possums.  Hollie had never raised a possum before but she did a fantastic job in raising Pickle.  I advised her that ringtails need to be raised with others of their own kind as they naturally live in family groups.  Hollie had intended on handing Pickle on soon anyway to someone who could house her as she got older as she did not have the correct facilities at the time to do so.  I offered to take Pickle if she didn't have anywhere else for her to go as I have other ringtail possums that she could be buddied up with.  A few weeks later Hollie messaged me saying she was ready to pass Pickle on and could she drop her down.  I was amazed how well she had done in raising Pickle considering she had never raised one before.  Pickle and another recent addition Jaffa have been housed inside for now in cages side by side so that they can get used to each other before they are put together.  Soon they will be able to go out into a larger aviary with another possum.  Hollie has come to visit Pickle recently and couldn't believe how big she has gotten. I was pleased to see that Pickle seem to remember Hollie and her partner Richard.