I was alerted to a situation by another wildlife care on facebook about a member of the public who after trying several numbers with no joy in getting help for a kangaroo he had seen injured which also had a joey.  The gentleman was able to scoop up the joey after he had fallen out of the mothers pouch several times.  By the time we received the called the gentleman had stayed with mum for around four hours trying to get some assistance.  After speaking to him he went home which was only around the corner to make sure the joey could be kept safe and warm.  We had some visitors at the time who were also experience macropod carers so they both went with my husband to Mount Compass while I stayed home and looked after the joeys we already had in care. 
They arrived a good hour after they left and after assessing the situation it was decided that mum unfortunately had to be euthanised because of a badly broken ankle.  Dani and Jarad went to the gentlemans house to check on the joey while Brian took care of the mother.  
Sampson arrived a very scared little boy, a bit dehydrated and with a few cuts a scrapes on him.  We treated his cuts and scrapes and he was given some subcutaneous fluids to correct his dehydration as he was not drinking well.  He was introduced to another Western Grey female joey we already had in care and they have become great friends and he follows her or our swamp wallaby around when they are outside having some excercise.  He has become a very confident joey and has just the sweetest nature not to mention he is just a bit cute.  He was named Sampson because he is stocky little man and we think he is going to be a big boy. 
Scared little boy the night he arrived
Starting to come out of his shell