Tickle came to us from the Flinders Ranges in January 2016.  She was handed in by an elder from one of the Indigenous communities up there.  We are not 100% sure on the circumstances but it is possible mum was hit by a car.  When she came in she was a little under weight and a bit dehydrated but no other obvious issues.  The night we got her she developed awfully smelly diahrrea, and by the Sunday it was so bad that I couldn't replace the fluids fast enough and she was going down, off to the vets we go! We had hoped to be able to wait until Monday to go to the vets to get her checked out but she had other ideas, it's always the weekend it seems! She was given subcut fluids while we were there had an IV put into her arm so that we could continue to give her fluids, she was given pain relief and antibiotics.  Because I thought she had thrush as that's how it smelt at first I was giving her some nilstat to get rid of it, and because she had such severe diarrhoea I was giving her some peptosil to try and slow it down the there was no point in taking faecal sample as it may not show everything up properly.  We and the vet were pretty sure it was a bacterial infection from the smell of it.  The fluids did her the world of good as she perked up and became much easier to feed, when they are severely dehydrated they will often refuse to feed.  After a couple of days we thought the antibiotics were working but within the next couple of days she became worse and she started to smell awful again.  So back to the vets this time they took a sample just to check for parasites hoping it would show up even tho she had been on antibiotics.  The vet changed her antibiotics because it was obvious the previous one had just masked the infection and kept it a bay for a few days.  After several days of being on the new antibiotics she was doing so much better and by the end of the course she was pooing like a normal kangaroo joey, drinking well, starting to eat grass, and hay and was becoming much more active.  Tickle is turning into a happy, healthy, cheeky and typically naughty euro.  She will steal your seat as soon as you get up if she can.
Euro's are like a two year old child, they are into everything, hopping at full speed everywhere and jumping up onto anything they can for example the kitchen sink or cupboards.  They certainly keep you on your toes!
Tickle can be a bit of a jealous pot especially if she is having a cuddle with her mum and she will tell off any of the other joey's that dare come for a pat or cuddle when she is, some of this is typical euro behaivour and some of it is because when she first came into care, she was the only joey I had for about a month so she had me all to herself and was spoilt rotten.
Tickle is becoming a very expensive Euro as she has a habit of chewing my clothes and has already wrecked several shirts one of which was brand new!