We received a call about a tawny frogmouth that someone had found in their yard and seemed unable to fly.  When Brian got there he was shocked to find a tawny frogmouth that it had feathers that had been ripped out from its wings.  All of the flight feathers had been ripped out which would not have been easy to pull out.   There was also some blood on the tip of the wing.  On closer inspection by Brian and the vet it appeared that they would have been pulled out probably by a person rather than from a predator attacking it.  The tip of the wing was also damaged to the bone.  It took a long time for the feathers to grow back as they had been ripped out by the roots, but even after they grew back it was obviously that this bird could no longer fly well enough to be able to hunt efficiently, so it was decide she would stay with us permanently.  She took a long time to trust us and take food from our hands but she did eventually.  She now has a boyfriend named Wally and they seem to really like each other, it is always best to try and pair tawny frogmouths together as in the wild they will pair up for life.